Dog causes deer stampede which left young lad with broken rib and head injury

A businessman whose dog caused a deer stampede in a Royal Park which left a young boy with a broken rib and a head injury, has been fined more than £800.

Finn Schioldan’s dog got off the lead and chased a deer into a father and three children on bikes.

A judge was told how, in an attempt to get away from the Rhodesian Ridgeback, one of the animals tried to leap over the family but struck the youngest child, leaving him with a fractured rib and a head injury.

The youngster had to be taken to hospital after the incident.

Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court heard today how the 52-year-old, who rakes in £10,500 each month as client director at software firm Servicenow, had taken his son and pet for a walk at the park on January 17.

While the dog was initially on a lead, the court was told it managed to escape and began chasing deer in and out of Heron Pond.

Moments later, one of the animals darted at the family.

Prosecutor Emek Yagmur said: “On January 17 this defendant brought his brown Rhodesian Ridgeback to the the deer park.

“These dogs are hunting dogs. On that day the park was crowded with very high visitor numbers

“This defendant was accompanied with his son and his dog and they were walking in area between Heron Pond and Diana Car Park.

“That dog at one point was on a lead but then, at around 2.40pm, that dog began chasing a number of deer into the pond and out the gate.

“As the deer were running a family group on bicycles, which was a father and three children, one of the deer was rushing and attempted to jump over the family on the bicycles and that collided with the youngest boy causing a head injury and a fractured rib.

He was taken to King’s Hospital.

“Officers then attended Bushy Park, this defendant was then spoken to and he was charged.”

Schioldan, who entered a guilty plea, defended himself in court.

He said: “It wasn’t the intention to let the dog off the lead but it was off the lead.

“I was not aware that the kid was injured. Police were telling me that the boy had come off his bike and had hurt his rib but I was not aware of a head injury.

“He was taken to the hospital the same day. It wasn’t clear what injury he had.”

Passing sentence, magistrate Richard Jefferson told the defendant: “Please be very careful, these deer are not little Bambies. They are tough, they live outside, they are tough.”

Schioldan, who lives in a £1.8 million home in The Paddocks, Weybridge, Surrey, was handed a fine of £865 and was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £80.