Jack Lambert auctioning off personal items, including his teeth holder

Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Lambert is auctioning his personal football collection, Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. Lot. No. 590 of the Lelands Spring Classic collection includes the container that held Lambert’s false teeth during games. The teeth are not included. Lelands called it a “most unusual but intriguing and important piece of […]


Biologists suggest a new substance to suppress neuroinflammation

Biologists from RUDN University confirmed that a well-known spasmolytic drug called hymecromone can suppress the inflammatory response in astrocytes, important glial cells of the central nervous system. Potentially, it could be used to develop medications against Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. The results of the study were published in the International Journal of Molecular […]


Europeans Get ‘Right to Repair’ for Some Electrical Goods

Companies that sell refrigerators, washers, hairdryers or TVs in the European Union will need to ensure those appliances can be repaired for up to 10 years, to help reduce the vast mountain of electrical waste that piles up each year on the continent. The “right to repair,” as it is sometimes called, comes into force […]


Fisker quietly settled trade secret spat with VW-backed battery company

Fisker Inc. quietly settled a previously unreported trade secret lawsuit with Volkswagen-backed solid-state battery company QuantumScape last July, The Verge has learned. The suit, filed in April 2019 in Santa Clara Superior Court, was centered on a former QuantumScape employee who brought thousands of confidential documents with her to a new job at Fisker Inc. […]


Man takes in abandoned bird called Russell Crow and now it thinks it’s his boss

A man who adopted an abandoned baby rook and nursed it back to health says it now rules the roost. Lee Calvert, 46, found the tiny helpless bird on the pavement near his home and saved its life with round-the-clock care. The affectionate bird, who Lee named Russell Crow, loves to nibble its owner’s ears […]